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Royal Canadian Air Farce – Cast Photos

Royal Canadian Air Farce – Cast Photos

What a fun photo shoot this was!

Like many Canadians, I grew up watching Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, and the rest of this classic comedy team do their thing on CTV or on the Comedy Network. In recent years they’ve been joined by the equally talented Penelope Corrin, Arnold Pinnock, Alan Park, and Craig Ferguson, for these yearly specials that skewer contemporary Canadian culture.

Air Farce asked us, through Callback Studios, to do two sets of photos: Traditional posed cast photographs and then also something fun and New Years-y. We came up with some options and, keeping in mind the cast being great at improv and incredibly funny, figured that it would be fun to start with a “Classy New Years” vibe and then devolve from there.

The cast is as lovely in real life as you could hope… Funny, generous, and sweet.

Hope you enjoy. Click to enlarge.