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Gytis – 1st Look


Kevin Eade – Callback Studios – Toronto Headshot

Aaron Poole – Quibi, Oracle, liminal, David Bowie Stardust feature, Condor, TIFF – Press Release Headshot Photo

Simon Poole – CFC Slaight Music Resident and Composer

Bryan Espino 1

Sufian – Humber Comedy School

Professional headshot of a man in a white shirt and jean jacket.

Preston’s 2nd Look

Tony – writer portrait

Darryl Hinds – SNL Style Photo – CBC Air Farce

Professional headshot of a man in a blue shirt and serious face.

Frank – Callback Studios

Actor Headshots Toronto 2

Jim Annan – Falcon Powder

LinkedIn Photo

Taz – Business Look in Studio

Portrait of a green eyed man in a grey shirt.

Green Eyes – Actor Photography by Callback Studios

Professional actor headshot of a man in a blazer on a blue background.

Matt Baram – cityTV’s Seed, National Theatre of the World, Second City, and more

Professional portrait of Arnold Pinnock.

Arnold Pinnock – Air Farce 2014 photoshoot for CTV

Professional headshot of a man against a green fence.

Chai Valladares – Mischief captured by Callback Studios

Black and white headshot of a man in a shirt and tie adjusting his glasses.

Danny Smith

Professional portrait of a man on the streets of Toronto.