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Actor Headshots

Actor and Performer headshots in Toronto. We work with veteran actors, theatre school students, and everyone in between. Whatever your level of experience, our photographer will help direct you to a photo that captures your unique personality and opens doors.

Our comfortable actor headshot studio is located in Toronto’s Queen West and is easily accessible by TTC. We also offer on-site photography for actors who are unable to come to us.

Please contact us if you are looking for a customized package. Also, check out our rates page for packages and discounts.

  • Studio and Natural light photography available.
  • Headshots that capture your personality and help get you cast.
  • Willing to work with your agent and manager to get specific looks.
  • Affordable headshot pricing. We offer student discounts, and referral discounts when booking multiple people at a time.
  • Our photographer is a working filmmaker and CFC graduate who has a working understanding of the casting process.
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Danni Suzuki – Actor and Model – Arcanjo Renegado, Young Hearts

Lauren Orlando – @laurenorlando88

Kevin Eade – Callback Studios – Toronto Headshot

Aaron Poole – Quibi, Oracle, liminal, David Bowie Stardust feature, Condor, TIFF – Press Release Headshot Photo

Kimberly-Sue Murray – Editorial Shoot: V-Wars, Wedding Planners, Shadowhunters, Canadian Film Centre (CFC)s

Child Actor Headshots 2 – 10% OFF For Kids Under 13

Manon – Acting Student – Natural Light Look 1

High Key – Editorial Shoot

Sai Lockett 2

Myrthin Stagg

Myrthin Stagg – Toronto Soulpepper Theatre, Killjoys, Cavendish

Bryan Espino 1

Mary Ly – Kid Photos

Manon 2nd Look – Same Person Different Looks

Sufian – Humber Comedy School

Professional headshot of a man in a white shirt and jean jacket.

Preston’s 2nd Look

Second City Poster – Cast Photography

Jessica Lord – Lola on The Next Step, Meet me in Paris, Party of Five

Jessica Lord – Party of Five, Ransom, Disney’s Meet me in Paris

Professional Actor Headshots – Natural Light Business Portrait

Child Actor Headshots – 10% OFF For Kids Under 13

Matthew Gouveia – In Character Photo from a Self Tape – Sopranos

Lauren Orlando – Natural Light

Chloe Van Landschoot – Studio Look – with The Characters

Young kid in a white shirt on a red background getting a headshot.

Cian – Kids get discounts!

Jinny Wong – Cutie Pugs

Professional headshot of a man in a blue shirt and serious face.

Frank – Callback Studios

Professional headshot of a woman outdoors in Toronto

Talia Delcogliano 1 – %10 Off for repeat clients!!

Myrthin Stagg – 2nd Look

Vedant – natural light actor headshot Toronto

Tristan – Kid Actor Headshot

Evan – Holly Hobbie, Departure, Stratford Actor

Allegra 2 – Natural Light

Promo photography for JESUS CMPLXX

Dani Suzuki – Model and Actor Photo – Business Look

Actor Headshots Toronto 2

Dani Suzuki – Model and Actor Photo

Jessica Lord – Lola on The Next Step

Young woman featured by the best photographer in Toronto

Outdoor portrait

Jim Annan – Falcon Powder

Black and white portrait of a man in a black suit with a noise maker in his mouth.

James Gangl – Bonspiel! – Promo shoot

LinkedIn Photo

Olivia Schlepper – Kid Photo – 1

Taz – Business Look in Studio

Sam Johnson – Child Portrait in Studio

Abigail Daicar – 2nd Look – In Studio – with Archetype Talent in LA

Single Artwork for Teachers by X. ARI – album Tunnel Vision now on Spotify

Alla Katerina

Nicolette Pearse 1

Lucy Margey 1

Dorian – Child Actor Headshots

Cheryl Leon – 3rd Look

Professional photography of a woman in a yellow sweater in Toronto.

Headshot for Kasey by Callback Studios

Professional portrait of Don Ferguson of Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Don Ferguson – Air Farce 2014 Photoshoot

Professional headshot of a young kid screaming.

Brianna Screamy pic – Callback Studios

Jessica Lord – Lola on The Next Step – 3

Portrait of a green eyed man in a grey shirt.

Green Eyes – Actor Photography by Callback Studios

Professional portrait of a woman in Toronto.

Minerva Mohabir – Dancer and Actor

Maria Elena – 2nd Look

Beautiful headshot of a woman against a wall of bricks.


Professional headshot of a beautiful woman outside in a tank top.

Christina Pinnavaria 2

Allegra 1 – Headshot in studio

Dixon 1 – Girl Headshots

Professional actor headshot of a man in a blazer on a blue background.

Matt Baram – cityTV’s Seed, National Theatre of the World, Second City, and more

Professional headshot of a woman in a white shirt on a blue background.

Naomi Snieckus – Mr. D Lead, Second City, and The National Theatre of The World

Professional portrait of Arnold Pinnock.

Arnold Pinnock – Air Farce 2014 photoshoot for CTV

Professional headshot of a man against a green fence.

Chai Valladares – Mischief captured by Callback Studios

Professional headshot of a woman in a white blouse close up.

outdoor 2nd look

Bold headshot of a professional woman in a black jacket.

Katrina 2nd look

Two photographs from a kids headshot session.


Professional headshot of a man on the streets of Toronto.


Professional headshot of a man in a grey shirt on a black background.

Kerry Griffin – Second City Director

Black and white headshot of a man in a shirt and tie adjusting his glasses.

Danny Smith

Kids headshot wearing a red shirt and a jacket.


Headshot of a beautiful woman taking part in a photography session.


Black and white portrait of an actor.


Professional headshot of a kid in a tank top.


Professional portrait of a man on the streets of Toronto.


Professional headshot of a man in a hat and jacket on the street.


COVID-19 Measures

We are following the Professional Photography of Canada guidelines, and our Hair/Makeup artist has certification in proper sanitation guidelines from Barbicide and Demalogica.

Some of the steps we are taking include:

  • Disinfecting all supplies.
  • Seats and handles wiped down before and after each client.
  • No bare feet. Please have socks, slippers, or clean shoes.
  • Please wash and disinfect your hands before session.
  • Use the disposable paper towels provided. No cloth towels.
  • We sometimes have a really cute dog here. You’ll have to not pet her. :(
  • ...and more