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Demo Reels

A good demo reel is an increasingly valuable tool in any actor’s arsenal.

An acting demo reel is an increasingly valuable tool in landing the right agent, or getting through the casting director’s door. At Callback Studios we work with actors at all levels of experience to cut a reel that shows off your range and marketability.

We can approach your reel a couple of different ways: shooting original showreel content for you in our self tape studio, or editing film and tv footage you already have into a tight actor demo reel.

Either way you will leave with a final edit that you love, and a demo to be proud of. One that pushes you to the next step of your career.


  • Self Tape Style Demo Reel
  • $3001 session, 2 edits
  • This is great for new actors looking to have a reel to approach an agent, or to help boost their castiblity. 



    – Handpicked scenes, (generally 3). With help from our coach, scenes are chosen from our large selection at least a week pior to taping day.
    – 1 1/2hr Coaching/Taping.
    – Editing. Can also include previous footage.

  • Demo Reel of Previous Work
  • $3002 edits
  • This is great for experienced actors, with existing footage, who need to build or update a professional demo reel. 



    – Consultation on best footage and cut points.
    – Electronic Slate.
    – Intro music if desired.
    The actor must provide digital copies of the footage they want used, with time codes and notes.

  • Deluxe Package
  • $5952 sessions
  • This is great for actors who are looking to get the whole kit and caboodle to get them revitalized or started in their career.

    (Over $50 in Savings)


    – Complete Actor Headshot Package
    (4 professionally touched up shots, unlimited looks, unlimited session. More info…)
    – Self Tape Style Demo Reel
    (See breakdown under other package on page.)



Self Tape Style:
Previous Work:

Extra Info…

  • Don’t have your own footage? No problem.
    We can shoot self tape audition-style footage of you. We take care of lighting and audio, so you can relax and focus on performance.
  • Coaching is available in our self tape studio to help you get your best self tape performance.
  • Our coach can help you pick out scenes or monologues that are right for you and show off your range.
  • If you do have film/tv footage for us, we can edit it into a great actor demo reel for you. Suggested run time is 5 min or less.
  • Don’t have access to the footage?
    We can try downloading it for you.
  • Can combine headshot and reel packages to give you a cheaper rate on your package.

The editing process

  1. You send us footage of your work in any format you wish (eg. USB, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc) along with notes on your favourite clips.
  2. We go over your footage and discuss a rough paper edit.
  3. With your go-ahead, we do a first pass.
  4. We send you the edited footage, then make any further changes.
  5. We export the high resolution final output, formatted to your preference, and post online for you.


Can you edit my material?

Yes, if you can provide us with digital copies of your material we can edit it.

What is the accepted Demo Reel length?

We suggest a maximum length of 5 mins.

Do you charge full price every time I want new footage put in?

No, we would charge our base rate when first putting together your reel, and then can offer a discounted rate as we put in scenes over time.

I shot a film/tv show but don’t know how to get it.

We can have a look, but the first step should be to reach out to your agent or the engaging production company.

Can you edit some footage I have, but can I also tape a scene with you?

Yes. The price would be the Self Tape Style, but it would be a mix of the two demo styles. Many actors choose this when they have a little bit of footage but not enough to show their full range.

Do you shoot original material?

Yes, we can have you come in and shoot scenes you’ve prepared, like an audition tape. This would be exactly like our self tape audition setup, where the focus is entirely on your acting. You would be reading with our reader, lit, and have the option for multiple takes. Coaching optional. We can create a reel just from these contrasting tapes, or edit the footage into your existing reel.

Can I shoot a scene that I wrote?

You sure can. Myrthin will advise you on what scenes to pair with it to give your reel depth and range. We suggest putting at least one published scene in your demo.

Can I bring all the scenes I want to shoot and not use yours?

You sure can. If you have scenes already chosen and you don’t want to look at any in our selection, that is no problem!

Can I get coaching before taping day?

Yes! You can book coaching with Myrthin to work on your scenes prior to taping day. Check out our rates HERE.

Ready for your new demo reel?