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Demo Reels

A good demo reel is an increasingly valuable tool in any actor’s arsenal.

Whether to land an agent, or get your foot through that casting director’s door, we will put together a reel that will show you off.

Want to put together new footage? We can shoot scenes for you in our self-tape studio (with a coach or just a reader) and use that footage in your reel.

The editing process

  1. You send us footage of your work in any format you wish (eg. USB, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc) along with notes on your favourite clips.
  2. We go over your footage and discuss a rough paper edit.
  3. With your go-ahead, we do a first pass.
  4. We send you the edited footage, then make any further changes.
  5. We export the high resolution final output, formatted to your preference, and post online for you.


  • Demo Reel
  • $300session
  • We edit your existing tv/film footage or
    shoot original Audition Tape-style footage for you.

  • Deluxe Package
  • $525session
  • Includes our Demo Reel Package and 3 Look Package at a discounted rate.


Do you shoot original material?

Yes, we can have you come in and shoot scenes you’ve prepared, like an audition tape. This would be exactly like our self tape audition setup, where the focus is entirely on your acting. You would be reading with our reader, lit, and have the option for multiple takes. Coaching optional. We can create a reel just from these contrasting tapes, or edit the footage into your existing reel.

Can you suggest scenes/monologues for my reel?

Yes, you can book a consultation session with our reader/coach and she can send you sides to look at, much like she would for an audition tape.

Can you edit my material?

Yes, if you can provide us with digital copies of your material we can edit it.

Do you charge full price every time I want new footage put in?

No, we would charge our base rate when first putting together your reel, and then can offer a discounted rate as we put in scenes over time.

I shot a film/tv show but don’t know how to get it.

We can have a look, but the first step should be to reach out to your agent or the engaging production company.

My footage is only on VHS, can you digitize it?

No. Sorry.

Ready for your new demo reel?