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Audition Self Tapes

At Callback Studios you are working with experienced actors, directors, and coaches, who are committed to helping you get your very best performance. 

We use the same great lighting, and backdrops that we use to capture great headshots, to light you for your audition tape. So that means that you will be looking your very best, and have control over the look of the scene to better match the performance.

Audition prep can happen remotely via Skype, or at our studio.

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  • We take care of lighting and sound so you can relax and focus on getting your best performance.
  • Best lighting for actor audition tapes. We have full control over the studio lights so can match the lighting to the scene.
  • Our experienced reader will work with you and can provide complimentary coaching throughout the session, free of charge.
  • Professional coaching available. You can book our coach to work with you right before your tape, or can book an in-person or Skype coaching session in advance.
  • We can edit your self tape into your next actor showreel.
  • Headshot and self tape can be combined to give you a more affordable headshot and cheap self tape rate.


  • Audition Tape - 30 min
  • $40session
  • Includes reader, file export, and complimentary coaching

    *$5 off if you bring your own SD card!

  • Audition Tape - 60 min
  • $70session
  • Includes reader, file export, and complimentary coaching

    *$5 off if you bring your own SD card!


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COVID-19 Measures

We are following the Professional Photography of Canada guidelines, and our Hair/Makeup artist has certification in proper sanitation guidelines from Barbicide and Demalogica.

Some of the steps we are taking include:

  • Disinfecting all supplies.
  • Seats and handles wiped down before and after each client.
  • No bare feet. Please have socks, slippers, or clean shoes.
  • Please wash and disinfect your hands before session.
  • Use the disposable paper towels provided. No cloth towels.
  • We sometimes have a really cute dog here. You’ll have to not pet her. :(
  • ...and more