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Actor Resources & Blog

Callback Studios started because I really believed that we could offer a high quality service to my fellow actors and filmmakers, and do it in a way that takes out the mystery and frustration behind the process. I’ve been at it a few years now, both behind and in front of the camera, and know that it can be confusing and daunting to navigate the business. 

So, I’ve tried and put together a list of resources I thought you might find helpful, and have written a few blogs over the years that (hopefully) answer some common questions.

Hope this helps you. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer at our shoot, or if you DM me Instagram or Facebook.

~ Dan Abramovici

Acting classes & Audition Coaching

  • Pro Actors Lab – I have personally trained with Rae Ellen Bodie as she was one of the mentors at the CFC Actors Conservatory over my time there. She’s fantastic.
  • Callback Studios – Private coaching and self tapes. Soulpepper alumni Myrthin Stagg can work with you at our studio and get your work on tape.
  • 102 Actors Lab – David Lafontaine is a very well regarded actor and theatre director in Toronto, and offers advanced scene study classes for small groups of students.
  • John Rivens Meisner – John has been running his Meisner technique school for years. David Reale is one of the teachers in the school and is a fantastic actor in his own right.
  • The Second City Training Centre – Probably the most well known comedy program in the country. Improv, sketch, and more.
  • Michael Gordin Shore – Private acting coach.

Voice classes & voice demo

  • Debra Toffan – Debra is one of the top working casting directors in the city. She periodically offers workshops. Keep checking her page for details.
  • DemoManiacs – Offers workshops, private coaching, as well as voice demo. We have partnered up with DemoManiacs to offer a headshots/voice demo package as well.

Comedy & improvisation classes

  • Second City – Looking to do commercials? Sitcoms? Comedy classes are right for you. I highly recommend improv training as it will go a long way to helping you adapt on the fly when at an audition of any kind. Toronto’s Second City Training Centre is a fantastic place t

Audition resources

Audition Self Tapes

  • Casting Central – If you’re looking for a combination of actor classes and self tapes we also have a partnership with Casting Central and famed acting teacher Lewis Baumander
  • KSM Self-Tapes & Audition Coaching – Kimberly does awesome work. CFC alumni as well.
  • Callback Studios – We offer 30 and 60min packages in our studio with professional sound, lighting, and a reader to tape you at your best.

Getting an agent in Toronto

Fitness & nutrition

  • Arzadon Fitness – If you need to get in shape for a role there is no one better than Coach Jay. Dan used him to get in shape for the role of Noah Griffin on the tv show The Detail.