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Actor Resources & Blog

I have been working as a photographer, actor, and filmmaker for over a decade and have heard lots of good and bad stories.

It can be a tricky business to navigate and so on this page I’ve put together a list of resources that I know to be good.

You can also view the blog to read useful articles full of relative information I’ve written showing my experiences and useful information.

Feel free to email me with any questions. I love hearing from you!

Acting classes & private coaching

  • Pro Actors Lab – I have personally trained with Rae Ellen Bodie as she was one of the mentors at the CFC Actors Conservatory over my time there. She’s fantastic.
  • Callback Studios – Private coaching and self tapes. Dora winning actor and CFC alumni Matthew Gouveia can work with you at our studio. Filmmaker and actor Dan Abramovici will get your audition on tape.
  • 102 Actors Lab – David Lafontaine is a very well regarded actor and theatre director in Toronto, and offers advanced scene study classes for small groups of students.
  • John Rivens Meisner – John has been running his Meisner technique school for years. David Reale is one of the teachers in the school and is a fantastic actor in his own right.
  • The Second City Training Centre – Probably the most well known comedy program in the country. Improv, sketch, and more.
  • Michael Gordin Shore – Private acting coach.

Voice classes & voice demo

  • Debra Toffan – Debra is one of the top working casting directors in the city. She periodically offers workshops. Keep checking her page for details.
  • DemoManiacs – Offers workshops, private coaching, as well as voice demo. We have partnered up with DemoManiacs to offer a headshots/voice demo package as well.

Comedy & improvisation classes

  • Second City – Looking to do commercials? Sitcoms? Comedy classes are right for you. I highly recommend improv training as it will go a long way to helping you adapt on the fly when at an audition of any kind. Toronto’s Second City Training Centre is a fantastic place t

Audition resources

Audition self tapes

  • Casting Central – If you’re looking for a combination of actor classes and self tapes we also have a partnership with Casting Central and famed acting teacher Lewis Baumander
  • KSM Self-Tapes & Audition Coaching – Kimberly does awesome work. CFC alumni as well.
  • Callback Studios – We offer coaching as well as 30 and 60min packages in our studio with professional sound, lighting, and a reader to tape you at your best. Both Dan and our in house coach Matthew are CFC alumni and working actors.

Getting an agent in Toronto

Fitness & nutrition

  • Arzadon Fitness – If you need to get in shape for a role there is no one better than Coach Jay. Dan used him to get in shape for the role of Noah Griffin on the tv show The Detail.