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Actor Advice – How to Find The Right Agent For You!

Actor Advice – How to Find The Right Agent For You!

One of the things I get asked the most is if I have some advice on getting an agent. Not just any agent, but a “good” agent.

Having a good agent, that is an agent that is right for you, is absolutely critical in finding success as a television and film actor. You can certainly rep yourself, but without a registered agent who believes in you and pushes you for projects, you are unlikely to get into many casting sessions. But how do you know if you are a fit with the agent? How do you know if an agency is too big or too small? How can you know if they are working for you?

Here are some tips:

How do you know if your agent is working for you? Ask questions. Do Research. You can ask what breakdowns your agent has submitted you on. You can also look on IMDB and other resources to see what is shooting in your city.

Find an agent you actually like. Who you feel comfortable talking to. You and your agent are going to have a very close relationship and are partners in this thing. Don’t waste your time with someone you have to chase down or who treats you like an employee. Remember: It’s a partnership, and if we want to get technical, your agent works for you.

Be realistic about the agency you need. Look at your resume. Are you ready for a big agency? Sometimes moving to the big agencies too quickly means you can get lost in the shuffle. They might push you for a month then get back to their all star clients. A boutique agent might be the better move until you’ve gotten some credits. However, too small and you might not get seen. This is a conversation to have with the agency at the interview.

Take meetings with different agents. I met a few actors who just went with the first agent they met. Take a few meetings and see who you click with.

Create your own work. I found that if I wanted more opportunities, it was very useful to create my own work. It was hugely rewarding, changed my life in many wonderful ways, and opened many doors. More on that in another blog :)

How to approach agencies? I’m going to write another blog about just thing but it starts with a resume, cover letter, great headshots, and a reel if you have it. You’re in the right place for headshots and reels!! The cover letter can be short and sweet and tell them a bit about who you are. Who to contact? Go down the list of agents at ACTRA or SAG and approach the one that are right for your level of experience and offer what you’re looking for. Looking to do film and tv? Don’t approach background agencies. Theatre? Look for ones that specifically list theatre.

I bounced around between different huge agencies over the last few years and only in the last year or so did I find my perfect fit. For too many years I was afraid to ask those questions and just took whatever my agent said as gospel. The agent I have now feels like a real teammate and I can talk to her openly about any questions or concerns I might have.

Good luck! Feel free to reach out with any questions.