Services & FAQ


Having been on both sides of the camera, I know how awkward it can be to have your picture taken and so we do all we can to make you comfortable and direct you. The session is kept light, fun, and relaxed (Many of these smiles are real!). We want the person in the headshot to represent the actor going into the room on their best day.

To get different aspects of your personality to shine through we match the background, wardrobe, makeup, light, and composition to your look. Most importantly: We direct you and help you bring out your personality.

  • We shoot unlimited looks then you pay for the touchups you want.
  • You keep ALL of the untouched photos.
  • No limit on number of shots taken.
  • I’m not looking at my watch. Normally sessions go 1.5hrs.
  • Discounts available for referrals and more.

Note: “Touched up” means that things like blemishes, and overly baggy/bloodshot eyes will be fixed up…  It does not mean “make you look like a botoxed mannequin”.

Demo Reels

Demo Reels are an increasingly popular way with which to market yourself. You can host your reels on Casting Workbook, other industry websites, or on your own page. I work as a filmmaker, and can cut your footage into an exciting reel. If you don’t have footage we can shoot self tape style video for you and edit that.

Audition Self Tapes

When you can’t get in the room, a self tape is an amazing way to get seen. We have partnered with Toronto’s KSM Self-Tapes & Audition Coaching, founded by actor Kimberly-Sue Murray. KSM provides quality self-tape and coaching services at a competitive rate for actors of all levels. Book your session now at and join the Loyalty Program (5 tapes, get one FREE!). Book via Callback Headshots and get a 20% discount on your first session. If you’re looking for a combination of actor classes and self tapes we also have a partnership with Casting Central and famed acting teacher Lewis Baumander.

Voice Demo

We partnered up with DemoManiacs to offer the Getting Started Package! This unique package gives you a mini photo session (1 touched up shot) along with a commercial voice demo done by one of the very best voice demo studios in Canada.


Our MUAs are experienced, friendly, and available to stay with us for the duration of the shoot. Optional.

Not an Actor?

Not a problem. If you are looking for great corporate portraits, family photos, event/wedding photography, boudoir, fitness photos, video, or anything else go HERE for our other photography services and HERE for our video production work.

FAQ About the Session – Before and During

How many shots do you take?
What if I just need one shot?
How long is a session?
Where do you shoot?
Are discounts available?
My agent has specific lighting/posing in mind. Can you match this?
Should you send reference photos? Research poses?
What if I’m early? Late?
Can I bring my own music?
Can I bring my own hair or makeup artist?
What kind of hair and makeup services are provided?
How many outfits should I bring?
What clothing should I stay away from?
Should I wear any jewellery?

How to prepare for the shoot

  • Get a good night’s sleep – Our makeup artist can absolutely conceal tired eyes but you’ll feel better.
  • Have a good breakfast – Don’t worry… Breakfast wont add noticeable pounds to your photos. Have a nice breakfast so your mood and energy are up.
  • Think about your looks – What kind of roles do you tend to go out for? What does your agent or manager submit you on?
  • If you need a haircut, get it a few days before the shoot – If you need a haircut we recommend that you get it at least a day or two before the shoot. That way you will have time to get it fixed or adjusted if you don’t like it.
  • Prepare your wardrobe before the day of the shoot – This is just with the intention of keeping your shoot day fun and stress free. You don’t want to be running around the day of the shoot shopping for a new shirt… Have a look at your wardrobe a day or two before and decide what you want to bring. Not sure about a piece? Not to worry. Our photographer will help you choose.

FAQ on What to expect after the session

What happens after the photo shoot?
What happens to the selected shots?
Is production included in the cost?
Can I purchase extra shots down the line?
I have a last minute audition/book. What if I need my photos same day?