Our Services & FAQ

Professional Headshots

Having been on both sides of the camera, I know how awkward it can be to have your picture taken and so we do all we can to make you comfortable and direct you. The session is kept light, fun, and relaxed (Many of these smiles are real!). We want the person in the headshot to represent the actor going into the room on their best day.

To get different aspects of your personality to shine through we match the background, wardrobe, makeup, light, and composition to your look. Most importantly: We direct you and help you bring out your personality.

  • We shoot unlimited looks then you pay for the touchups you want.
  • You keep ALL of the untouched photos.
  • No limit on number of shots taken.
  • I’m not looking at my watch. Normally sessions go 1.5hrs.
  • Discounts available for referrals and more.

Voice Demo

We partnered up with DemoManiacs to offer the Getting Started Package! This unique package gives you a mini photo session (1 touched up shot) along with a commercial voice demo done by one of the very best voice demo studios in Canada.

Demo Reels

Demo Reels are an increasingly popular way with which to market yourself. You can host your reels on Casting Workbook, other industry websites, or on your own page. I work as a filmmaker, and can cut your footage into an exciting reel. If you don’t have footage we can shoot self tape style video for you and edit that

Audition Self Tapes

They want to see you on tape? We can help!
We can shoot your audition at our Toronto self tape studio (Queen West) or we can bring our studio to you. Our self tape facility features seamless backdrops, camera, studio lights or natural light options, LAV and directional mics, and an experienced actor working as your reader and/or coach. You can book either half or full hour slots and choose whether you would like us to edit and export your audition.

If you’re looking for a combination of actor classes and self tapes we also have a partnership with Casting Central and famed acting teacher Lewis Baumander.

Audition Coaching

Our acting coach can be booked for half hour, one hour, or even a half day. We can book you into our studio or meet you at a location convenient to you. Yes, you can book coaching separately from a self tape.


Our MUAs are experienced, friendly, and available to stay with us for the duration of the shoot. Optional.

Not an actor?

Not a problem. If you are looking for great corporate portraits, family photos, event/wedding photography, boudoir, fitness photos, video, or anything else, visit our sister site Dan Abramovici Photography for our other photography services and our video production work.


Before and During the Session

How many shots do you take?

We don’t have a set number of exposures we take in a session… We shoot as many as are needed to get you a variety of great looks. An average session has anywhere from 150 to 250 shots taken.

What if I just need one shot?

We do offer mini shoot option. Check out our Rates page to see out packages.

How long is a session?

We work with you until both you and the photographer are 100% sure you have all the looks you need. On average our actor headshot session is an hour and a half. Expect to add a half hour to that if booking hair/makeup.

Where do you shoot?

Our Toronto studio is located at Queen West. We love natural light and do a combination of studio shooting as well as natural light outdoor. That said, if you prefer to do everything in studio or everything outside we can certainly tailor the session to your taste.

Are discounts available?

Yep. Full list of our discounts are available on our discounts page. If you were referred by someone you get a free touched up shot or 10% off your session. Same offer goes to the person who referred you.

My agent has specific lighting/posing in mind. Can you match this?

Absolutely. We are always happy to speak with your rep to make sure we deliver a product everyone on your team is happy with.

Should you send reference photos? Research poses?

You are more than welcome to send us looks you like but that is absolutely not necessary. Your photographer will spend time at the start of the session to find and discuss your different looks and we will cover a huge range of of them throughout the session. Your photographer is trained in finding poses and angles that work and will guide you through that process.

What if I'm early? Late?

If we’re able to let you in early we absolutely will do that. If we’re in a session or not yet at the studio there are plenty of nearby cafes to hang out at. If you are late we will do everything we can to accommodate you but you may be cutting your session short if we have someone after you. We ask that you please call your photographer as soon as you think you may be running late.

Can I bring my own music?

Absolutely! You can connect your phone/iPod/whatever to our speakers via bluetooth or AUX and blast your favourite tunes. We can also put on anything you want on Spotify or any other music streaming service you enjoy.

Can I bring my own hair or makeup artist?

Experience has taught us to not work with outside hair/makeup artists. We have a roster of a few super talented hair/makeup professionals who have many years of experience working specifically on portrait headshots as well as on set doing film and tv. These professionals are trained in shooting high definition images.

What kind of hair and makeup services are provided?

If you book our hair/makeup professional then you don’t need to worry about anything. It’s optional but always recommended. Our hair/makeup artist gets you set up at the start of the session and then touches up and changes your looks as needed throughout. She’ll also watch things like stray hairs, how your hair is falling in the photos, shine, etc.

Please note that hair includes styling. It does not include a wash and dry. Just have your hair clean when you come in.

If you choose to do your own makeup then bring the supplies you usually use day to day to prep for an audition.

How many outfits should I bring?

Bring with you a couple of wardrobe options, keeping in mind different looks you would go out for. No need to be too specific (keep the doctor smocks at home) but do bring an option or two for casual daytime, a night out, and a more professional look. Your photographer will help you mix and match the wardrobe with your hair, makeup, and different background and lighting setups. Remember, it’s not so much about the clothes… It’s about you and the energy and personality you bring from shot to shot.

As a general rule: Bring stuff you would wear to an audition, a fun night out, or on a date. Stuff you feel good and confident in.

What clothing should I stay away from?

Stay away from distracting patterns and large logos. Not to worry, smaller logos can be photoshopped out.

Should I wear any jewellery?

If you think you’ll still like it in a few months’ time then feel free to bring it. Keep in mind that the focus with headshots is your eyes, so you might want to stay away from big or otherwise distracting jewelry.

How to Prepare for the Shoot

  1. Get a good night’s sleep – Our makeup artist can absolutely conceal tired eyes but you’ll feel better.
  2. Have a good breakfast – Don’t worry… Breakfast wont add noticeable pounds to your photos. Have a nice breakfast so your mood and energy are up.
  3. Think about your looks – What kind of roles do you tend to go out for? What does your agent or manager submit you on?
  4. If you need a haircut, get it a few days before the shoot – If you need a haircut we recommend that you get it at least a day or two before the shoot. That way you will have time to get it fixed or adjusted if you don’t like it.
  5. Prepare your wardrobe before the day of the shoot – This is just with the intention of keeping your shoot day fun and stress free. You don’t want to be running around the day of the shoot shopping for a new shirt… Have a look at your wardrobe a day or two before and decide what you want to bring. Not sure about a piece? Not to worry. Our photographer will help you choose.

After the Session

What happens after the photo shoot?

Our photographer will go over all your shots and upload them to a password protected client page. You’ll be able to go on and view all your photos, and are welcome to share them with family, friends, your agent, manager, and anyone else you want to help you make your selects.

What happens to the selected shots?

We use a professional post production process to get your favourite photos looking their best. Among other adjustments, your selected photos will be cropped, colour corrected, and things like stray hairs and blemishes will be addressed.

Is production included in the cost?

Yes. Post production is included in the price. Number of touched up shots you get just depends on the package you buy.

Can I purchase extra shots down the line?

Absolutely. You can always purchase additional touched up shots and you also get a bonus free touched up image with every referral!

I have a last minute audition/book/event. What if I need my photos same day?

We can usually arrange rush and same day requests.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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My experience with Dan Abramovichi Photography as a whole has been unmatched in the past. From start to finish, I was treated professionally and coached through my photos by one of their talented photographers (Ryan) to ensure that my appearance in my photos was the best it could be. I needed these photos for a professional website, marketing materials and my own social media and I am extremely happy that I used Dan Abramovichi Photography. Their experience with portrait photography and editing truly shows in their results. I have already recommended them to my colleague and plan to use them again in the future.

Found Dan Abramovici Photography after looking at a few studios in NYC (where I live) and Toronto (where my bf lives). The photos+videos on their website indicated quality and a professional experience, and the price for the corporate headshot package (3 outfits, 3 touched up photos) was competitive so I decided to give it a try -- LOVED the experience overall and totally worth it!

I have come to depend on Dan Abramovici’s inherent understanding of the craft of acting, his ability to make his subjects comfortable, and his professional and extremely refreshing shots which showcases his subject in a manner that will get them into casting. Not to mention, his willingness to inquire, listen, and work to provide me with what I need to promote my clients.

Dan did a marvelous job for me. The shots captured me in a natural and candid image, while looking fully professional. The most popular comment I get about my shots is ‘You look professional, yet completely approachable in your photos!’ The headshots are key to giving my clients a good introduction. Dan has a true talent for putting me in my ‘best light’!

Dan Abramovici of Callback Headshots is nothing short of stellar. I’ve gone to him on numerous occasions and he’s managed to exceed my already high expectations every time. Whatever your hired him for, you can cross that item off your worry list. He’ll be pitch perfect.

Dan has done an incredible job with my clients. Everyone has had a great experience shooting with him and the shots that he produces really captures their individual personalities. I would recommend Dan to any actor who is looking for a headshot that is going to stand out to casting!

I can't thank Dan enough for being so amazing on our special day! He is so professional and kept everything running smoothly. He made sure that we got the right shots, with the right lighting, and retook them until every eye was open 😉 The few pics we have already receive from our wedding are phenomenal! Can't wait to see them all.

Dan came to my company to do a portrait day for staff for our business's cards and online. He was amazing. I could not imagine a more stressful environment for a photographer... To shoot thirty people in one half day and pretty well no one likes having their picture taken. Dan made it fun and easy and everyone was thrilled with the photos.

I also act on the side and had an awesome experience with his other company callback headshots. Will get around to reviewing it eventually. Really recommend this studio for business photos and portraits.

Dan has been a great photographer to work with. He brings fantastic creativity and flexibility to his photo shoots, as well as a charm and sense of humour that puts everyone at ease.

If you're ever looking for a smooth experience with a great guy to take your headshots then Dan is the man! Get's to know about you and then looks for ways to bring out the real you in the shots! Quick responses to emails and turnaround on finished edited shots! Very reasonable pricing as well with lots of package options. Anyway, highly recommended! Cheers!

Dan Abramovici is a wonder to work with! He creates an amazing atmosphere to work in and is an awesome individual to work with. Not only does he deliver top notch material, he delivers it quickly. I definitely recommend going to Dan and Callback Headshots to any actor hungry for auditions. Thanks, Dan!


At Callback Headshots Studios, you are priority number one. Give us have a chance to show you. Need a quote? Interested in speaking one on one? Nothing to fear. Take the plunge.