Callback Studios: Demo Reels

Actor Demo Reel Editing in Toronto – Done Locally or Remotely

A good demo reel is an increasingly valuable tool in any actor’s arsenal. Whether to land an agent, or get your foot through that casting director’s door, we will put together a reel that will show you off. Want to put together new footage? We can shoot scene for you in our self-tape studio (with a coach or just a reader) and use that footage in your reel.

How do we put together your Demo Reel?

Not in Toronto? Not a problem. If you have footage of your work we ask that you send that over to us (USB, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc) along with notes on your favourite clips. We will go over your footage and come up with a rough paper edit that we will discuss with you. Once we have your go ahead on the edit we will do a first pass. You’ll get the footage, make your notes, and then we will export the high resolution final output which we can format however you like and post online for you.

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