Video Bio

They want to see you on tape? Need a Video Bio to enhance your brand? We have a professional studio with multiple backdrop options, LEDs for lighting, LAV mics for great sound quality, and a professional actor/filmmaker to read with and direct you. Video can be formatted however you like and given to you on disc, Dropbox, or uploaded on a streaming site for easy submission.

Please enjoy the good (and then purposefully very bad) videos below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or read an article on the subject we put together over at Actor’s Connective Online.

Doing any combination of photos, reel, and audition? Yes, we do bundle these services together.

Video Bios – More video and film stuff on

A Few Examples of Self Tapes with Callback Headshots

So tips? Come in prepared. That means off book and with a few choices in mind for your character. Know the scene and know the character. We’ll do a few takes and help you choose your best stuff.

What NOT to do

Good luck on your next audition!