This is Schnitzel. She loves you.

I have spoken to many outgoing individuals who say that they “just aren’t photogenic”… Well, in a comfortable environment where the photographer isnt counting down the minutes or the exposures, with the right direction, I promise you that you will be.

There is much variety in looks and personality but the goal with each and every one of these shots was the same: To translate the Actor’s personality into the headshot. No one was asked to pretend she’s a tiger. No one has her prom hair on. Not one person is standing in a waterfall. Headshots. We want a picture that represents the Actor walking into the room on their best day.

We do our best to keep you happy. This means that whether were shooting your headshots or editing your demo reel, we treat you as we would want to be treated. No one is counting the shots or looking at a clock. Our prices are kept fair and free of surprise costs (with discounts available for referals and children), the work is finished on time, you get to keep ALL of your proofs and headshots, and you can print with us or on your own. Most importantly, we listen to you and your agent throughout the whole process, do our best to keep you comfortable and relaxed, and provide you with great headshots and demo reels that show you off and open doors.

We work to be the best headshot photography studio in Toronto, and also offer our customers the best actor demo reel editor services as well. We can take original video of you doing scene work or monologues, or edit the content you already have.

About Dan – Your Photographer/Videographer
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Dan Abramovici has established himself as a respected filmmaker and photographer over the last 12 years. He is a working actor and graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Actor Conservatory.

As a photographer he has been a part of a number of award winning galleries including Toronto’s prestigious CONTACT photography festival. Recent clients include cast photos and branding for Royal Canadian Air Farce, the Canadian Opera Company, Toronto’s Second City, brrrTO, Canadian Music Fest, and corporate clients such as Student Car ShareKiehl’s, Winners (with Glee castmember Naya Rivera), Trafalgar Travel, and charitable organizations such as Hope Air and HSSE.

With his production company Awkward Silence Productions, Dan wrote, produced, and starred in a series of short films that played the international festival circuit including Berlinale and TIFF. In 2014 he graduated to feature films with Ben’s At Home. The movie picked up numerous awards, including Best Feature at the Canadian Film Festival, Best Feature at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, Audience Choice at the Gasparilla international Film Festival, and Abramovici picked up Best Actor at the IndieFest Film Awards and Rincon International Film Festival. After a successful theatrical run, Ben’s At Home is now available on VOD through iTunes, Rogers, and Bell.

He enjoys Nutella sandwiches and making mix tapes like its 1997.

About Sarah – Your Photographer
Sarah Andrews - Callback Headshots-2

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and long time assistant photographer at Callback Headshots and Dan Abramovici Photography, Sarah has worked with a who’s who of the Toronto acting community including The Second City. Now a principle photographer with Callback Headshots, Sarah is available for photoshoots both in studio and on location. Post production on Sarah’s shoots is handled by Dan to ensure that the style between both photographers is completely consistent.